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When Shopping Little Farm Store

1 Discover New Local Favorites

Bring the farmers market home to your door! Choose from a wide variety of local producers. Once you find your favorites, subscribe and never run out of the foods you love.

2 Support Local Food Producers

After you order, your items will be collected from the farms and delivered in an insulated carrier to your home or office, saving you time and strengthening our local agri-conomy.

3 Enjoy the fruits of your labor

When you and your friends gather for food, you can eat with confidence, knowing that your meals come from farms growing truly superior foods so fresh that its only possible when grown locally.

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Meet the farmers

More and more people are wanting to know where their food comes from and the practices of the farmers who grow it. When you choose the Little Farm Store you know you are supporting local farmers who practice only the best agricultural methods.

Did you know that according to the national farmers union for every dollar spent on food in the USA only 14% actually goes to the farmer?!? Also, It's estimated that the average plate of food travels more than 1500 miles!

When you buy food through the Little Farm Store at least 50% of your final price goes directly to the farm which grows it! Buying local foods maximizes your food's nutritional benefits while strengthening our local economy!
Help build this grassroots agricultural movement by supporting community commerce and the local food producers who are growing our region's food.

Have products to sell?

We are actively connecting many more farms into this network for the 2024 growing season.
It takes many small farms to build a regional food system and we could use your help!